110% Guarantee

Our 110% Guarantee policy entails that if our apparel isn’t the most comfortable you’ve worn, return them and get 10% on top of your purchase price back .

The standard 30 day money-back-gaurantee is dead. With our 110% guarantee policy, we aim to make it profitable for you even if the product fails your expectation.

E.g. You return  the ‘Darth Rella Thumb Hole Long Sleeve T-shirt’ you get your £40 back plus 10% of the product price which gives you a total return of £44.

Now, you may be asking why we have such a return policy. The reason being that we know and trust that the quality of our clothing is of premium standards whether it is the design on the apparel or the feel of the fabric. We take pride in our clothing quality and we are sure you will too.

If you wish to speak to us further about this policy, please email our Marketing and Creative Director: maryam@rella.co