36t5 T-shirt Challenge: Presenting Andi Best

Andi Best has been wearing a different t-shirt everyday for the past year, 2013

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A guy called Andi Best from andib.co.uk contacted us a few weeks ago asking if we would like to join his t-shirt challenge where he has been wearing a different t-shirt every day since the beginning of the year.

The challenge is called THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTEEFIVE or 36t5 Tshirt Challenge. At the end of the year, all the t-shirts will be donated to a yet to be nominated clothing charity and one of them will be ours.

Andi has an awesome website set up for this and we have been featured with a fantastic review for DAY 305. Please read full review here: andib.co.uk/36t5/

The review text is also placed below, in the words of Andi Best:

“Unless I’m mistaken, this is the first time that this has occurred during my THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTEEFIVE T-shirt challenge. I have received a T-shirt donation from a brand who are not yet live. 

Rella are currently in the middle of their launch campaign; their products are not yet available to the public meaning that the opportunity to showcase and review one on my blog is WORLD EXCLUSIVE. I am one of the first online resources to display a Rella tee ahead of planned distribution, which is incredible! It is very humbling to know that my goofy year-long project has been embraced by the brand at such a critical stage of its journey. 

Maryam from the company explains that though the webstore hasn’t yet gone live, users can still visit the website and watch the captivating video ad that’s been promoting the clothing label so far. 

As for the sneak-preview T-shirt that adorns me today, I can confirm there’s strength in the brand. I’ve only been wearing it half a day and the positive feedback is amassing. The tiger logo is positioned centrally in a circle surrounded by an otherwise modest design. A few plain snippets of text convey the established date, or rather, the ‘breeding since’ date, as well as further emphasis on a London basecamp. As a flagship T-shirt, it does well to convey the company ethos of ‘taking pride’ and ‘unleashing’ your personal lifestyle. Rella is definitely going to be a label to watch. 

Get ready for Rella by subscribing to their FacebookTumblr and Twitter channels. “

In early January, we realised that Andi was still wearing a different t-shirt everyday and continuing on with his reviews. So we thought why the hell not, let’s give Andi the popular Rella Constructivism Print T-shirt for another review.

The review was published on Day 378 to mark the end of his t-shirt challenge, Andi blew our minds with a fantastically narrated review.
Read our review alongside his other t-shirt reviews on: andib.co.uk/36t5



My THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTEEFIVE T-shirt challenge is now in its thirteenth Day of ‘Extra Time’, marking today as Day 378 on the overall project calendar. Yep. Still going. The T-shirts just keep on driving in. Literally.

Designer Maryam from fledgling clothing brand Rella was kind enough to donate a very special tee to me back on Day 305; special because it arrived in advance of the brand officially being launched. It was a sneak preview garment from the forthcoming line and she picked my project as a means to expose it.

Half way through last week, I received another email from Maryam that told me all about the success Rella had had since going public, and that one of their tees called Constructivism was a stand-out favourite among customers. “I’d like you to wear a copy of it for your challenge” she said.
“Sure,” I replied “but you’ll have to get it to me pretty quickly – the challenge will be officially over any day now so it can’t arrive too late or I won’t be able to include it…”
If it were possible to hang-up an email, Maryam would have done so then.
She shoved her chair backwards from her desk and propelled herself rapidly across the office, grabbing a copy of the high-profile Constructivismgarment from the hands of an admiring colleague as she flew past. As the wheels of her chair collided with the back wall, she tossed the tee into the arms of a waiting figure dressed head to toe in black and a smoky visor, straddling a motorcycle. He revved twice in acknowledgement before ripping off into the city.

Meanwhile, I’d gotten up, made some coffee, photocopied my face a few times, thrown out the coffee (I don’t like coffee) and returned to my desk to find a man on a motorcycle poised on my keyboard and paperwork. Thank goodness I’d taken the coffee away – it would have gone everywhere.
The masked figure handed me a crisp white T-shirt before revving twice and ripping away again out the window from whence he came.
Definitely the fastest T-shirt delivery in history.

The T-shirt is this sturdy, comfortable article bearing a full-frontal illustration printed in black. The familiar Rella tiger plods through a wood-cut style landscape, framed by Russian text proclaiming the year of Rella’s birth, 2013. The tee is garnished with construction details such as a deliberately longer back piece, defined by triangular slices made at the gusset to achieve a baggier look. It’s details like this that reinforce the high quality of the Rella brand and make it so much more than just T-shirt printing. 

See more from Rella via their FacebookTumblr and Twitter channels.’



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