Welcome to RELLA, quality clothing for a perfect fit. RELLA is a lifestyle brand designed for the modern man. Breeding since 2012, RELLA is developed by a group of young professionals with a unified mission to enhance true quality in clothing. We have started from humble beginnings but we are not short on ambition. We strive for organic growth within our organisation by investing in people and extending our product lines. Our mission is to be completely organic in the foreseeable future. Until such times we are using grade A cotton (cotton with minor usage of chemicals), which is frankly already better than what most of our fellow peers in the industry are currently using. In line with our vision, all our packaging, swing tags and business cards are made from eco materials. We also endeavour to be transparent in all our workings, to present to you our true working ethics in both London and Bangladesh where our small team of machinists work in our studio factory. To all those involved; from Ample Earth for working closely with us to create this stunning website, to Nut Films for all their hard work and true creativity in producing the Rella launch Advert, the phenomenal designers who have helped us to develop a collection by sticking true to our ethos of quality and everyone involved on a day to day basis to make this brand a true success.