Our Designers

Maryam Mazraei: Rella Co-founder & Head of Design 

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“At Rella, I like to give other young designers a chance to work with me to create the Rella ranges and collections. Currently, all our designers work on a freelance basis and each get a chance to develop a collection. All our designers are welcome to stay longer or leave when they have completed a collection; the decision is completely up to them.
Being a 22 year old designer and creative, it gives me such pleasure to have other amazing young designers to join Rella and assist me in making incredible menswear. Below are all the awesome designers I have worked with in the past and will be working with for upcoming ranges and collections.

If you are a budding print or fashion designer and want to be part of RELLA then contact me directly on maryam@rella.co with your portfolio.”

Jorge Orozco Vasquez: AW’13 Launch Collection Designer

jorge orozco
Age: 30
Area of expertise: Fashion Design and Tailoring
Favourite menswear designer: Christopher Shanon
Your favourite creation so far:
Last week edition of the magazine “Que me pongo” of the newspaper “El Colombiano”. A fashion editorial with the most avant-garde designers in Medellin. The clothes of the right side of the photo, are my designs.
Why Rella:
Because Rella is fun, energetic and super commercial. I love commercial brands.
What is your biggest achievement as a designer so far:
Won a few design contests in my country, Colombia. And I have my own atelier and tailoring place in Medellin city.

Robyn Dark: S/S’14 Collection Designer

Robyn dark
Age: 22
Area of expertise: Print Design
Favourite menswear designer: A.P.C MEN
Your favourite creation so far:
Blue Bird print t-shirt, an all over repeat print featuring fine hand drawn detail inspired by movement and flight
Why Rella:
The conceptual ideas behind the print designs caught my attention when I joined the team as well as the brand’s economical awareness.
What is your biggest achievement as a designer so far:
I have recently graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Printed Textile Design; during this time I undertook a placement year completing internships with Alexander McQueen- London, Draw In Light- London and Fusion Design Studio- Copenhagen. I was also awarded a financial bursary from the Bradford Society of Dyers and Colourists.

Nneka Okorie: A/W’14 Collection Designer (Coming Soon) 

Nneka Okorie
Age: 24
Area of expertise: Outerwear/ Tailored Sportswear
Favourite menswear designer: Riccardo Tisci
Your favourite creation so far:
Embroidered/ printed oversized sweater (see image below)
Why Rella:
Its a great opportunity to collaborate and see your initial ideas produced and available for purchase.
What is your biggest achievement as a designer so far:
My greatest achievement so far was getting a place on the Royal College of Art Menswear Masters.
nneka-fav item