A/W’13 Lookbook Photoshoot At Perou’s Bow Bunker

First Ever RELLA Lookbook Shoot

Our A/W ’13 Lookbook shoot took place on the 12th October 2013 at the world renowned photographer’s Bow Bunker, PEROU. We were lucky to have this contact through Director Maryam Mazraei as she had her exhibition with a group of photographers at the Bow Bunker earlier on in the year and Perou was kind enough to let us borrow his bunker for a couple of hours for the shoot. Throughout the day we made sure to upload as much behind the scenes shots on Instagram and later more was uploaded on our blog.

location shot
(Photo by: © Maryam Mazraei (ISIS), see full Bow Bunker series on

The photoshoot was led by Maryam Mazraei with assistant photographer, Keita Iisaka. We started off the shoot with model, Tom Rowse on the roof of the bunker overlooking an industrial landscape. This worked very well with the All Day Raglan as the raglan has an image of an urban landscape printed on it.


After a few hours of shooting and getting more comfortable with our environment. We moved on to shooting both of the models against the black bricked walls of the bunker. The colour of the walls enabled the detail of the Constructivism Print T-shirt to stand out and we were constantly greeted by Perou’s dog, Mr Bunny.

mr bunny


On set our cameras consisted of a film camera- Canon T50 with Black and White Ilford film, two digital SLR’s- Canon EOS 1100D and Nikon D90.
We also bought extra lighting equipment with us but luckily the sun provided the perfect natural lighting for the shots.

The shoot lasted for about 6 hours and we managed to capture the character of the brand with the rightly selected models and appropriate shots that complimented the clothing. And this is the team that made it all happen.

team photo
(From left; Model Zac, Online Marketing Manager Ankur Chadha, Co-founder & Director Maryam Mazraei, Model Tom Rowse, Assistant photographer Keita Iisaka)

View the completed Lookbook here: RELLA A/W’13 LookBook


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