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Please see below for the questions frequently asked:

1. Are your products ethically made?

We didn’t want to subcontract the manufacturing of our products out to big factories where communication and control gets lost. So in 2012 we decided to buy a studio factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh and assigned employees personally. This close contact to our factory and workers enabled us to have full control over the working conditions and treatment of our workers. Thus we are proud to say that we have a studio factory in Bangladesh where our managers and machinists work in the best conditions possible.

2. What material do you use to produce your products?

We only use 100% cotton to create our apparel. Most consumers don’t know the different grades of cotton because clothing companies tend not to educate their consumers on what materials they use in manufacturing their garments.

At RELLA we only use grade A cotton, the closest to organic cotton which has minor usage of chemicals. The further you go down the grading the more usage of chemicals on the cotton thread making it rough on the skin and can cause problems to the human skin.

Therefore, in line with our mission to grow organically and pursue our ethical workings, we manufacture our products with the best materials we can gain.

3. Who manages the factory on a day to day basis?

Our factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh is managed by our Production and Quality Control Manager, Kalam Azad. He is responsible for managing the employees within the factory and ensure all clothing is up to set quality standard.

4. How often do you visit the factory?

I personally try to visit on a yearly basis but my business partner visits more often than me, on a quarterly basis.
However, we are in communication with a factory on a daily basis.

5. Do you have a living wage policy?

We don’t have a living wage policy but we pay our employees above the Government National Wage set in Bangladesh.

6. Can you give me some more info about grade A cotton and what sets it apart from other grades?

When we go into production, all our fabric is freshly knitted and dyed. This means when we buy the cotton thread our production manager makes sure that the thread is not old. Therefore, it is our Production Manager’s duty to ensure that the cotton thread is very fine as the finer it is the softer the fabric will feel. 100% Grade A cotton simply states we ensure to get the best cotton which is why many of our customers immediately comment on the softness of our fabric.

In line with our vision of organic growth, we will be using organic cotton in the foreseeable future and experimenting with innovative fabrics such as hemp and bamboo.

7. What materials do you use for packaging, swing tags etc?

All our packaging, swing tags and business cards are made out of eco and recycled materials.
Packaging is an integral part of our customer service. We place great effort in our packaging to make each order feel special to every customer. Each order is wrapped in organic kraft tissue paper, sealed with the round Rella trademark sticker and placed in a recycled brown box.

8. Where are your garments printed? What type of inks are used?
We print all our garments with a local independent printing company also in Dhaka, wWe believe rather then going to the big print factories it is best to give our printing to the local factory to benefit them. The ink used by our print supplier is from a company called Dying and TAC.