RELLA Graffiti Video

Bringing Art Into Our Lifestyle Brand

On 21st September 2013, Rella Director Maryam Mazraei teamed up with graffiti artist ERCN to paint RELLA on a wall in Ladbroke Grove. We wanted to create a time lapse video that was most importantly fun to do and secondly to keep you entertained whilst we worked vigorously hard behind the scenes to launch the brand. Throughout the day, the process was being photographed and shared on our Instagram  and Twitter.

So, we arrived at the location for midday and were greeted by walls of graffiti. We selected our wall and started painting the background for the graffiti piece.

TP 1

ERCN then started on the outline of ‘RELLA’ with a grey colour to be later filled and expanded. Whilst Maryam was filming the surrounding area for the intro shots which you will see in the final video.

TP 3

It wasn’t long until ERCN got Maryam involved to start spraying inside the letters, this is called ‘filling’.  We wanted the graffiti to have a 3D texture so we added a light and dark grey gradient to the letters. Then with adding more layers, the letters literary looked like they were coming out of the wall.

TP 14

ERCN wanted to experiment with rocks and making it look as if the word ‘RELLA’ was bursting through the wall. He originally drew this up and we played around with a mock up before deciding to go with the final piece. And here we are, ERCN and Maryam overlooking the final piece below.

TP 28

Watch the video below to see how it all happened…


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