Rella Shoot Southbank Skatepark

We headed down to the Southbank Skatepark on 13th June for a photoshoot with the local skaters in our All Day Raglan and Authentic Raglan range.

The skatepark is a true attraction in London with people from all over the world coming to take shots of the skaters and graffiti artists. Unfortunately, there has been plans about removing the skatepark so to place more shops however the public and LLSB (Long Live Southbank) have been working hard to make sure it stays exactly where it belongs.


Al the photos within the series are taken on a Canon T50 film camera for a more authentic look taken by co-founder Maryam Mazraei ©. You can view the whole photo series on

We also decided to put together a desktop wallpaper for you all as you have shown so much love for this photo series.
Click below on the image to click your wallpaper.

rella skate wallpaper


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