Rella x Brothers We Stand

Rella Collection Featured on Brother’s We Stand Website

Having supported and worked with Brother’s We Stand for several months now, we have taken our relationship to the next level and are now publicly featured on their website.

Our Classic T-shirt, White constructivism T-shirt and Raglan long sleeve shirt are now available to purchase on the Brothers We Stand website.

Brother’s We Stand and Rella have maintained a close friendship as we admire their ethic and their success.

Founder of the fashion platform, Jonathan Mitchell, summarized their ethos:

At Brothers We Stand, we want to change the fashion industry. Our vision is to shine the spotlight on a new generation of designers who respect the people who make their clothes and the environment.”

bws team

Brothers We Stand is made up of a small, young team, yet they have achieved so much from the launch of their website to attending several fashion events such as The London Ethical Fashion Show to support young designers and shed light on the #whomadeyourclothes campaign. The team consists of photographers to hair stylists which showcases their complete dedication to promoting Brother’s We Stand as they’ve given room for other talents to join their team rather than focusing on fashion employee’s.

Their ethic is simple, yet assertive: “We want to make a stand for the men and women who make our clothes”.

Unlike other online fashion retailers, Brothers We Stand has a passion for promoting topics such as ethical clothing and promoting young designers who they feel voice a strong message through their collection.

Rella is just one of the fourteen Menswear designer brands that are featured on the site. With products ranging from unique bags and wallets to exclusive shirts and shorts, Brothers We Stand gives a platform for young designers to promote their collection.

Our criteria is really tight and very few brands meet it. So the brands we work with are special and have awesome stories”, said by Jonathan.

Rella is honoured to be recognized as a clothing line that adheres to their ethic and the feature on their website will hopefully promote us!

Make sure to check Brothers We Stand out on their following sites:

Website –

Instagram/Twitter – @brotherswestand

Facebook –


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