Day 2: Styling the Darth Rella Tee

darth-side 2-olly

For day 2 of our style week, we decided to present to you ways of styling the Darth Rella Thumb Hole T-shirt. The psychedelic, kaleidoscope pattern on the long sleeve t-shirt with its 90’s inspired thumb hole is guaranteed to turn some heads and could maybe get you a date this friday ;)

This t-shirt is created for those that take pride in what they wear and how they wear it. We have put together two outfit variations that consist of a navy bomber jacket, a jersey jacket, a duffer jacket, light blue jeans and classic new balance trainers.  

darth rella detail collage

Our recommended tip for picking an outfit to wear with the Darth Rella Tee is to keep everything simple because the t-shirt is heavy in print and detail. This way the t-shirt will stand out while the other elements of the outfit support it like a frame.


Adding more layers is also a favourite tip of ours. Layer up the bomber jacket with a jersey jacket, keeping the bottoms the same or alternate between jeans and chinos.


To go for a bit more formal look, try the Darth Rella Tee with a smart jacket like a trench coat or a duffer jacket same as the one you see below. This smoothly moves from the street wear look into a smart/ casual wear.


Style Tips Summary:

  • Keep the overall look simple to show off the pattern of the t-shirt more and avoid clashing with too many colours and patterns.
  • Wear light denim jeans or chinos
  • Add layers for extra warmth such as a bomber jacket with a jersey jacket
  • Again this t-shirt is guaranteed to turn heads so just take pride!

How would you wear the Darth Rella Thumb Hole Long Sleeve T-shirt:
Tell us how you would rock this range by putting #rellaloves in front of your tweets and send us a photo so the rest of your Rella friends can learn from your tips. 

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