We’ve been chosen as a Brothers We Stand Brand in Residence

Brothers We Stand are picky boys. Not keen on loading up with a huge array of brands, a la most online stores, this ethical menswear shop takes their whole clothing line-up from a small number of carefully-curated ‘Brands in Residence’ each season. This season, they’ve chosen us to be one of those brands.

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Brothers We Stand founder Jonathan Mitchell said, ‘Rella are showing the future of fashion. Kickin’ design made by people who have been honoured for their craft.’


The Brothers We Stand team only chooses labels that they like and that meet their tough production values. This curated approach champions menswear labels that are producing their clothing in environmentally and socially positive ways. The store is full of great labels that are pushing to change the way that the fashion industry works. Among our favourites are the shirts from Braintree which provide a great alternative to the tailoring trend.


You can check out our Brothers We Stand collection- alongside the other great menswear labels being featured this season- here.



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